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NSK China general representative visit enhance exchange cooperation. Axis association

On May 31, 2011, China's total representatives, NSK NSK investment limited company President house, will replace Mr Chung mound mound house as the general representative Mr NSK China NSK investment limited company of the President JianBu thanks to Mr. Cardiff, vice-president of China on behalf of doi NSK the tree and so on a line 5 people coming visit to China bearing industry association, China bearing industry association executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the WangQuanQing, the deputy secretary-general of the visiting guests ZhouYu and NSK held talks.

Outgoing NSK China general representative pieces about the house introduces Mr Take his next NSK China general representative JianBu thanks to Mr. Cardiff and want to get China bearing industry association to help. The sir say: the past in 2016 to create NSK is in 100, when all the NSK will aim for 100 trillion yen in sales and business in China will also doubled. I in June 2009 to China, has been working for two years, I have come to China before the car division is BenBuChang NSK. The two years, NSK business in China, and has made great development in shenyang construction two factories, changshu factory three phase of the project will start. After returning home I will act as a QunMaXian NSK in the needle gaoqi factory President, this time to a say goodbye, 2 it is to hope is our both sides continue to deepen the cooperation and communication.

China will take over the general representative JianBu thanks to Mr Weiersiduofu thanks China bearing industry association NSK support and help to, he said: in China for eleven NSK factory, 11 factories September this year will be completed and put into production, the 12 a factory in hefei, will also begin to construction. The factory before NSK hope project also in China. NSK pay much attention to the China railway high-speed bearing such key fields of development, with China bearing industry association to keep and strengthen communication between, also welcomed China bearing industry association NSK we visit to Japan.

WangQuanQing deputy chairman of the standing of two Chinese general representative NSK came to visit and congratulate and thank the JianBu thanks to Mr. Cardiff next China as a general representative. WangQuanQing NSK guests introduced to China bearing industry, the development of the "eleventh five-year plan" and "1025" development goals, and said, the obtained in China a few years NSK the rapid development, and 2010 in China's sales have NSK reached more than 70 one hundred million yuan, according to the NSK programme, by 2015, to realize double, namely to plan 15 billion yuan, has become China's bearing a very active on the market power. Foreign companies entered China, to China bearing industry also play a role in promoting. China bearing industry association have been with keep friendly relationship of communication NSK. In the NSK bearings exhibition I international, for several years, the DuoCi continuously visits and exchanges, and hope JianBu thanks to Mr. Cardiff to China after the general representative, the two sides further strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the common to promote the development of the two countries bearing industry make efforts.

Both "1025" bearing industry development problems are discussed.

Communication, the two sides send each other the souvenirs.

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