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China bearing material heat treatment to release annual meeting

In May 2011, 23-26, the national bearing industry leaders, experts and scholars have gathered in the beautiful jiangsu changzhou, common took part in the by the China bearing industry association technical committee held the third bearing material heat treatment annual meeting. The current annual meeting invited experts at home and abroad is bearing of more than with new materials, new technology, and new heat treatment process equipment, physical and chemical inspection technology of technology lectures. As physical and chemical test field, the wave of invited guests with nanometer technology Co., LTD. Is the academic discussion brought new CaiSi microscopic inspection technology and quality control concepts.

The bearing industry technology and quality level of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry for our country is very important. At present our country has entered into the bearing production country ranks, but bearing the quality of the products and technology is still not able to satisfy such as car added value, high speed railway, metallurgical machinery, and other high precision, special conditions supporting demand. Industry At the same time, in addition to bearing products quality control outside inadequate, bearing steel material quality high and low for bearing products processing and quality, service life and reliability quality plays a very important role. Along with our country 1025 plan put forward and improve the quality of products, increased research investment has become the main melody of the development of the bearing industry. And bearing industry to raise the level of physical and chemical test is to ensure product quality control level of bearing the fundamental guarantee.

According to the present China bearing industry physical and chemical test and new material research and development present situation, and combined with the discussion of the meeting, the issue with the company will CaiSi wave microscopic analysis technology and the characteristics of bearing industry, microscopic detection combination, bearing industry failure analysis and quality control, new material research and development issues such as the overall solutions proposed. CaiSi microscopic technology exquisite, stable quality, easy, and the wave with the company in DuoNian bearing industry experience, the report wonderful, earned the lively present experts consistent approval. After the meeting, the wave with you with the experts CaiSi bearing industry microscopic analysis system solutions in-depth exchange of views on, and according to the different needs of enterprise bearing a further discussion and exchange.

Help customers find the most suitable microscopic analysis system solutions have been is the wave with the pursuit of direction, and at the same time, the wave with also has been committed to the most advanced international in microscopic detection means and the industry development in our country between the best interface. As the international advanced microscopic test technology introduced to China the pioneer, improve the bearing industry overall quality control level and new material research and development level is our responsibility. We hope that through our continuous efforts and widely and bearing cooperation between enterprises, to promote our country towards bearing industry quality, high level the direction of development.

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